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Symbol LS1203

رمز المنتج:LS1203
السعر: SAR480 الضريبة: SAR480

The LS1203 handheld scanner from Symbol Technologies is designed to meet the needs of small retailers, delivering high quality laser scanning, user-friendly ergonomics and durability at an affordable price. From gift shops, boutiques, video and sporting goods stores to jewelers, florists and more, the LS1203 delivers the features, functionality and reliability needed to improve operational efficiencies from the checkout line to the back room - day in and day out. Manual keying is minimized, customers are charged the correct amount and paper-based inventory processes are automated. The result is faster checkout, increased customer satisfaction, increased employee productivity - and a rapid return on investment.

  • Intuitive scanning, plug and play design Practically eliminates setup and training time for faster return on investment
  • Ergonomic hybrid design featuring sleek, lightweight, balanced form factor Maximum comfort for all day use, reduces user fatigue
  • Durable construction: single board construction, meets Symbols stringent 5 ft. drop tests Designed for continuous usage all day, every day, significantly reduces downtime and repair costs
  • Multiple interfaces: RS-232, USB, Keyboard wedge (Keyboard wedge) in one scanner Simplifies installation and integration, future-proof solution ensures compatibility with your host/POS today and tomorrow
  • High quality 1D linear scanner - choice of triggered or Auto-ScanTM (continuous mode) scanning Accurate first time scanning, always ready for the next scan